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Primacy Management Inc

A Calian company,

Primacy Management Inc. is Canada’s largest medical property management company. Primacy has over 150 clinics across all 10 Canadian provinces that physicians utilize as their primary practice locations. Primacy clinics provide medical services to over 6 million Canadians annually and are located within or adjacent to a wide range of Loblaw® banner stores.

Primacy Medical Clinics

Primacy offers turn-key medical office space for walk-in clinics and family practice offices. By conveniently being located in or adjacent to Loblaw® banner store, Primacy clinics offer top medical care along with convenience including on-site groceries, pharmacy, free parking and more!

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Medical Clinic Space

Primacy offers a wide range of services at all our clinic locations nationwide. In partnership with our physicians, we ensure that their clinic space is designed to optimize work flow. From designing new clinics to assisting with marketing once operational, Primacy is there every step of the way.

Clinic Features

As Primacy currently operates over 150 clinics in Loblaw® grocery store locations, we are able to offer an abundance of amenities beyond our clinic walls. That coupled with our attractive terms, functional clinic layouts and turn-key space allow us to offer a cost-effective location for any medical practice.

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