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Primacy Management Inc. has a network of over 150 medical clinics across Canada that physicians utilize as their primary practice locations. In order to meet the needs of our clinic owners and their patients, Primacy has leveraged this large clinic network to offer a variety of additional services and partnerships with the following companies and organizations.

Inagene Diagnostics Inc.™

Primacy is pleased to announce a partnership with Inagene Diagnostics Inc. in offering their innovative Personalized Insights pharmacogenetic (PGx) test to Primacy clinics and patients across the country.

Drug treatment for pain and mental health conditions is rarely straightforward, due in large part to genetics. Inagene’s Personalized Insights is a DNA cheek swab test that utilizes genetic markers to reveal which medications have the highest likelihood of treatment success for each individual, helping avoid weeks, months or years of “trial and error”.

Inagene’s Personalized Insights Test

Inagene Diagnostics Inc. is a CLIA accredited Canadian pharmacogenetic testing company located in Toronto, ON.  Inagene’s Personalized Insights tests focus on providing comprehensive and reliable genetic tests to guide drug selection and treatment.

Inagene’s Personalized Insights test was recently featured on Global News. Watch the feature today!

In a pilot study involving 50 patients at a Primacy clinic in PEI, this testing resulted in 76% of patients having treatment change based on the test results, and it was determined that testing patients prior to initiating treatment would have saved patients an average of 3.3 years of cycling through multiple drugs that were incompatible with their genetics.

“Having used the Inagene test on more than 50 patients now, it is my belief that every single chronic pain patient who a medication is being considered for use on, should have the Inagene test completed prior to drug initiation”

– Dr Ron Whalen, MD CCFP(EM) FCFP, Co-Medical Director of the PEI Pain Institute

To learn more about the pilot study and the benefits of pharmacogenetics in treating your patients, visit Inagene’s website and utilize the code Primacy10 to save 10% on Inagene’s Personalized Insights testing kits.

Khure Health

Primacy Management Inc. has partnered with Khure Health to offer their AI-enabled Clinical Intelligence Platform to our 150 medical clinics across Canada. Through the Khure Health platform, Primacy physicians are now able to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to accelerate the diagnosis of rare disease patients and put them on the right care pathways, including potentially life-saving treatments.

Are you a Primacy physician interested in learning more?

Book a 15-minute tour with a Khure Health representative to see how their Clinical Intelligence Platform accelerates the diagnosis of rare disease patients.

Physical Therapy One

Physical Therapy One is a partner of Primacy Management Inc. providing physiotherapy and rehab services to many Primacy Medical Clinics in the GTA. Physical Therapy One aims to provide patients the highest level in quality, effective and professional physical rehabilitation solutions.

The team at Physical Therapy One CARE:

Committed ….. Our friendly and professional team of doctors, therapists, and administrative personnel are concerned with health, recovery, and comfort.

Attitude ….. We believe in providing the most conducive atmosphere for optimal healing and health which is an important aspect of our treatment methods and success.

Responsibility ….. We take great pride in helping our patients and being an integral part of health and recovery.

Effective ….. We use evidence-based treatments along with proven clinical guidelines to achieve the most positive and beneficial outcomes.

Atlantic Sleep Apnea

Atlantic Sleep Apnea is a partner of Primacy Management Inc. to provide sleep disorder services to some of our Primacy Clinics. Atlantic Sleep aims to help our patients transition from a life affected by debilitating sleep sleep disorders to a healthy life of happiness and success using scientifically proven sleep diagnostics and treatments.

Diagnosing the precise nature of one’s sleep disorder will usually require a sleep study. Since everyone is an individual, we all sleep differently. Your sleep disorder might present itself differently for different reasons. To correctly diagnose your sleep disorder, we measure various physiological aspects of your body while you sleep.

Visit Atlantic Sleep Apnea at an Atlantic region Primacy Clinic near you!

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