Primacy Team

Primacy Management Inc. has a remarkable team who is always available to support our clients as best we are able to. We strive to ensure that our owners/operators are able to work efficiently and utilize as many available resources as we can procure to ensure their business is operational.

At Primacy each and every member of our team strives for the same goal – to provide quality medical office space into our communities across Canada and offer exceptional service to our clients.

About Primacy's Director

Since being appointed Director of Primacy Management Inc., Melanie has led Primacy to grow into the company it is today. She is continuously exploring new ways to expand Primacy’s service offerings while overseeing all operations. She uses her background in business to ensure Primacy is operating to its full potential.

Director, Primacy Management Inc.

Primacy Employees

About Wendy

Wendy networks with physicians across Canada who may be interested in opening or relocating their medical practice to one of Primacy’s available independent clinic locations.

Physician Recruiter

About Saima

As a physician recruiter, Saima connects with physicians looking to join an existing Primacy medical clinic.

Physician Recruiter

About Nicole

As Supervisor of National Operations, Nicole oversees all of the regional representatives, manages the clinic renovations and escalated issues.

Supervisor, National Operations

About Shannon

As the Coordinator for our Military Family Doctor Network program, Shannon assists military family members with their search for a family physician in their new community.

Military Family Doctor Network Coordinator

About Laura

Laura processes the day to day AP and AR for Primacy along with being responsible for negotiating the Sublicense Agreements of our existing operators.

Contract Administrator

Regional Representatives

About Mel

Mel is the regional representative for clinics with postal codes starting from A-K. She also manages our Primacy Perks program.

Regional Coordinator

About Suzanne

Suzanne is the regional representative for clinics with postal codes starting from P-S & V as well she assists with managing our PrimacyTV network.

Facilities Administrator